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Scam of Scientology

Informatie over een heel gevaarlijke en kwaadaardige sekte.

De Church of Scientology, ook wel Scientologykerk genaamd,
is helemaal verzonnen
 door tweederangs sciencefictionschrijver

L. Ron Hubbard.

Pagina 10

David Miscavige

Tegenwoordig staat de sekte onder dictatoriaal gezag van David Miscavige.
Hij pleegde een soort paleisrevolutie door alle Hubbardgetrouwen
uit te schakelen en diverse daarvan bloot te stellen aan
de verschrikkingen van hun strafkolonies, de R.P.F.'s.

Een ex-stafmedewerker vertelt:

"Dave once had kept Mike (Rinder, chef PR) up for days on a case and when Dave left and Mike had a chance, he put his face down on a desk in corner and slept. Dave knew that Mike would try and get some sleep so Dave had Jeff Baker (photographer) shoot about 50 photos of Mike sleeping so that Dave could show everybody what Mike was doing while Dave was “working”. This is one of thousands of tactics that Dave would use to get people to work for days on end with no sleep. Dave showed these photos on at least 10 occasions afterwards, even YEARS later!"

"Religion is about the spirit, and Scientology deals with the spirit. We are in the tradition of the much older religions, Buddhism, Hinduism, helping the person as a spiritual being improve himself. That is what religion is about. That is why this is a religion.
It doesn't fall into any other field."

David Miscavige in een interview met Ted Koppel op 14 februari 1992
voor ABC-News Nightline

kabouter Stuurman

Onder het dictatoriale regime van David Miscavige worden steeds absurdere regels bedacht.
Zo mogen leden van O.S.A. niet meer trouwen.
Vrouwelijke leden die in verwachting raken worden gedwongen
een abortus te ondergaan.
Echtparen, ook onder gewone sekteleden, worden vaak tot een echtscheiding gedwongen.
Bovendien moeten leden van de O.S.A enorme veel uren maken per week
en krijgen er zwaar voor onderbetaald. Als ze al betaald worden.

Meer informatie over deze machtswellusteling is hier te vinden:


Ook komen stees meer rapporten naar buiten over Miscavige's
geweldadige aard.
Regelmatig mept hij er op los.
Jeff Hawkins vertelt erover ongeveer midden in dit audiofragment.
Hij vertelt hoe hij getuige was dat Miscavige
rake klappen uitdeelde aan o.a. hemzelf, Lymon Spurlock, Mike
Rinder (die hij met stoel en al op de grond smeet) en Marc Yager:


Nog meer over het geweldadige gedrag van Miscavige:


En nog meer:


En meer:


David Miscavige in foto's.

Recent schreef "J. Swift" een serie berichten waarin
hij een uitgebreid portret tekent van
David Miscavige aan de hand van foto's.
Daaruit komt een megalomane, narcistische man naar voren
die, zoals vele dictators voor hem, gek is op pompeuze
decors voor zijn urenlange toespraken:


David Miscavige grijpt de macht na Hubbard's dood:


Meanwhile, a power struggle was brewing to see who would take control
of Scientology and Newberry was the place where many of the
discussions occurred while DM stayed either in LA or in Hemet. (Jesse
will have something to say about that someday because he was seriously
involved in the ensuing explosion.) It would result in a number of
people fleeing (such as
Jesse) or going to the RPF (such as me).

A key element in the power struggle was Hubbard's last message to the
rank-and-file. Those who were in the cult back in 1986-87 will
remember this incident. It was a message from Hubbard that was issued
as a Sea Org directive. It said goodbye, wishing them well and
establishing a new rank/position called Loyal Officer or LO. (The term
is taken from OT3.) Pat was to be the LO1 and his wife Annie was to be
LO2 and it basically turned the management of the Sea Org over to
them. And since the SO ran Scientology, that meant they were at the
top of the heap. DM was not mentioned in the directive. It was later
was issued to all staff - with DM's approval and authority - reduced
in size and put in a small frame with a photo of Hubbard for the desk
of every staff member.

In the meantime, Pat began to slowly take control. I would often get
phone calls from him. He would never identify himself on the phone,
going back to his years of tight security, but merely would say, "Hi,
it's me."

I won't try to give the details of the ensuing power struggle because
I was in LA and it was happened at Creston, Newberry and Hemet. (I
leave it to Jesse, who was there.) But the outcome was that Miscavige
won. And typical of any political coup, there was a sudden purge as he
consolidated his power. Anyone DM thought might be a friend of
Broeker's who would pose a threat were sent to Scientology's
equivalent of Lubayanka Prison or Siberia: the RPF, so I went. For 16
months and three escape attempts.

Now here is where it gets interesting, folks.


While I was on the RPF, a directive came out from Miscavige saying the
supposed final message from Hubbard that named Broeker was a forgery
by Broeker and it was being canceled. That same day, Annie Broeker
appeared on the RPF. This was not the Annie I had come to know. What
stumbled into the RPF was a completely broken person. She was pale and
and her eyes were empty. There was no mistaking it. She had been
broken and only now was she being thrown away into the trash heap
called the RPF. Even then, she was kept under guard, just to be sure.


With the cancellation of the message from Hubbard, there were now two
vital things missing that were 100% Hubbard and 100% standard tech and
yet no one seemed to notice or, if they did, no one dared to remark on
it. But then, as Hubbard correctly pointed out, the hardest thing to
notice is the thing that is omitted.

What was now missing was (1) something from Hubbard to all
Scientologists saying goodbye and what he was doing and (2) something
that passed his hat, which is one of the most basic tenets in the
organization. They had been missing at the event announcing his death
but with the cancellation by Miscavige, they were missing more than


One does not require much knowledge about L. Ron Hubbard to know that
it would be completely unlike him to simply leave - especially if the
story about his going off to do more research were true - and not
leave a message. So if he HAD left as Scientologists were told, where
was the message if the other was a forgery?

But perhaps more importantly, where was the hat turnover? I don't mean
the volumes of policies and bulletins. I mean something that says, I
hereby appoint Joe Blow to take over as... Would Hubbard leave the
planet and not pass on thecommand? Hardly.

Or let's put it in one of the most basic tenets from Hubbard: if it
isn't written, it isn't true.

(Note: Hubbard's will was hardly a Scientology hat turnover and has
not been issued to the rank and file as policy.)

So the question became (to those of us who wondered), if the LO
directive was a forgery, where was the real one? Where were Hubbard's
wishes IN WRITING?

----end of excerpt----


And then it hit me. It was what Hubbard calls a blue flash, the sudden

Hubbard didn't die.

He was killed.

I fell back in my chair, completely stunned. In all of the years since
1986, I had never once considered that possibility. Even with my being
long out of the cult and directing criticism at various practices and
policies, the thought had never crossed my mind that Hubbard might
have been killed.

I got a sheet of paper and began to take notes, my heart pounding and
my breathing hurried. That nagging feeling had turned into an
adrenaline rush that I couldn't explain.

Who was there at the Creston ranch when Hubbard died?

* Pat Broeker - MIA.

* Annie Broeker - broken, under their control.

* Two Scientology ranch hands. While trusted to work on the ranch, I
came to see how much they were kept out of the loop.

* Gene Denk - Hubbard's personal physician. (And mine. Small world.)
Denk had disappeared for a year after the death, which was one of
those oddities, before returning to his practice up the street from
the main Hollywood complex.

End of list, a too-short list so I started to add who went up that
night in the three-car caravan that included DM, some attorneys and a
couple of us "gardeners and cooks." Nothing there.

I looked at the list. Pat Broeker was the only possibility, if he was
out and alive. For all I knew, he was dead or locked up somewhere and
in a mental state that approximated cold oatmeal. There was no middle
ground. He wouldn't have been given a safe back-lines job or I would
have heard about it.


So how would I find Pat Broeker, if he was alive. I racked my memory,
trying to dig out some clue he might have given me in the months that
we were together but sold me short. I didn't even know what state he
was from. Who might? Who would know where he came from or where he was
born? I needed some clue to start the search and the problem was the
security that Pat used for his job. He had explained to me how any
trace of him had been wiped out, to ensure that no one could find
Hubbard by finding him. Plus if Pat had escaped or fled, he was
skilled enough to hide from any search as that was what he had been
doing for years to hide Hubbard from the authorities.

I finally remembered one location he told me about and sent a message
there saying that I was trying to reach him but no reply came. After a
few months I sent another and waited. The months turned into nearly a
year and I basically gave up until one day when the phone rang.

"Hello?" I said.

"Hi," came a voice. "It's me."

I paused, saying nothing.

"Pat?" I finally said with some incredulity. "Is that you?"

"Yeah," he said, with what I swear was a twinkle in his voice. "How
are you?"

What a question!

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Scientology Sucks!

Een (ex-)lid van Scientology Joe Keldani stuurde de baas van de sekte,
David Miscavige, een brief.
Lees hoe de sekte omgaat met haar leden en ex-leden.
Hoe verschrikkelijk onmenselijk het er werkelijk toegaat.



Hieronder het verhaal van Dr. Donna Shannon. Het is wel in het Engels,
en er staan nogal wat typische $cieno-afkortingen in,
maar het verhaal vertelt zichzelf.
Hoe een dierenarts via één van de vele frontorganisaties de sekte wordt binnen geloodst en hoe en waarom zij er na vele jaren aan ontsnapte:

De geschiedenis van Dr. Donna Shannon

Geloof het of niet,
maar in deze sekte worden zelfs verkrachtingen van 16-jarige meisjes
niet bestraft. Erger nog: het slachtoffer en haar vriend plus familie
worden met de dood bedreigd. Lees het verhaal van de walgelijke daden
gepleegd door stafmedewerker
Gabriel Williams

Gabriel Williams

Lees het hele verhaal hier:


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