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Scam of Scientology

Informatie over een heel gevaarlijke en kwaadaardige sekte.

De Church of Scientology, ook wel Scientologykerk genaamd,
is helemaal verzonnen
 door tweederangs sciencefictionschrijver

L. Ron Hubbard.

Pagina 14

Nu David Miscavige, de machtsgeile baas van de sekte,
besloten heeft om nieuwe versies van een hele reeks belangrijke boeken uit te geven omdat de oude plotseling niet meer goed waren, mag men concluderen dat, aangezien deze boeken ruim 50 jaar in gebruik zijn geweest, de volgelingen 50 jaar lang fout bezig zijn geweest.

Zou dat de reden zijn waarom, ondanks alle beloftes gedaan t.a.v. "clear" en OT-krachten, er nog nooit is iemand geweest die deze beloftes daadwerkelijk in de praktijk heeft kunnen brengen? Nu blijkt dat na ruim 50 jaar en vele miljarden de sekte er nog steeds niet in is geslaagd haar beloftes t.a.v. "clear" en OT-krachten na te komen.

Want de boeken blijken fout! Groot wetenschapper Hubbard, die de boeken schreef, danwel dicteerde, heeft het ruim 35 jaar (tot zijn dood) fout gehad en heeft dat nooit gemerkt!
En nu mogen alle volgelingen, á raison van duizenden euro's, hun oude boeken weggooien en vervangen door nieuwe. In Amerika zelfs onder dwang.

Of zou er iets anders aan de hand zijn?
Bijvoorbeeld: de sekte verkeerd in grote problemen omdat er veel te weinig nieuwe leden binnengehaald worden. Daardoor komt het eind in zicht van de financiëen. Aangezien er bijna dwangmatig wereldwijd gebouwen worden opgekocht en voor miljoenen opgeknapt (waarbij gedwongen arbeid door volgelingen niet is uitgesloten) is er veel geld nodig. En dat lijkt er onvoldoende te zijn.
Vandaar ook dat men bijvoorbeeld de E-meter (een soort gemodificeerde multimeter) voor rond de 4000 euro verkoopt terwijl de reëele winkelprijs rond de 40 euro ligt?

Nog even over die boeken.
Het is altijd een doodzonde geweest om Hubbard's geschriften te wijzigen.
Miscavige doet het nu toch! Dat zou toch te denken moeten geven?
En horen we protesten? Nee. De enige reden die ik daarvoor kan bedenken is dat de volgelingen dat simpelweg niet durven. Men is bang zijn mening te geven. Bang in opstand te komen tegen de man die het waagt hun "heilige" geschriften te veranderen. En ook dat geeft te denken.
Begrippen als "totalitair" en "dictatoriaal"' komen dan onwillekeurig in mij op.

En dus worden de volgelingen nog maar weer eens gedwongen hun portemonne te trekken om het eeuwig geldhongerige dier dat Scientology heet te voeden.

Voorwaar een sekte.

Op OCMB beschreef iemand hoe Miscavige tijdens een
grote bijeenkomst de vernieuwde uitgaven presenteerde:

OK, I realize this event was over a month ago, oh well, at least I watched it. Did you?? Yeah, that's what I thought.

As you would expect at an event this stupendous, colossal, historic, and downright nifty, they were going to pull out the big guns to re-release the books that have already been available for the last 50 years, and they did.

It should come as no surprise, these books have been completely fucked up the entire time, and if it were not for the gracious David Miscavige, we were going to go to our graves without the opportunity to completely understand whatever the hell it was L. Ron Hubbard was trying to say in the 35,000,000 words he took to define his subject: $cientology.

In order to convey what I saw on this rather smartly packaged DVD, I shall need to break it down into 2 sections.


As you know, no event in $cientology would be an event, if David Miscavige didn't spend AT LEAST AN HOUR laying groundwork for how the release at the end of the event is going to be the greatest thing that's ever happened anywhere at anytime for any reason. To put it bluntly, this release was going to be more important than OXYGEN.

I couldn't help from getting moist with anticipation.

If you weren't convinced how important the event was, the camera man made panning shots every 5 minutes of the front row, which was a veritable who's who of Hollywood's elite. Yes, John Travolta and Tom Cruise were both in attendance at the same time!! I could hardly believe my eyes. In fact, I became jubilant and misty eyed at the mere sight of those two majestic BIG BEINGS. They even brought their wives. (No one was going to doubt their heterosexuality on this night--not on my watch!!)

Then of course, the dazzlingly beautiful Kirstie Alley was there. She wore a lovely flowing green dress, which she sewed her self from an Army tent--no doubt, Armani was jealous on this night.

There was also a few lesser known $cienotologists in attendance, but nevertheless, they were still extremely important based on the shitload of $$$$$ they've contributed. One of the elite fortunate on the front row was Michael Bayback, a short fat bald guy, but that's OK, he's got at least twice the charm of a doorstop. He's made a fortune promoting Nevada mining companies, and any time DM needs cash for one his pet projects, Bayback has his checkbook in the ready position.

Craig Jensen, another attendee, the tall gawky computer nerd, who made a fortune selling computer programing, was there on the front row. I wonder if drove his car with his special message to all the downstats--a license plate that reads PROSPER.

But how could I mention all these BIG BEINGS without mentioning the BIGGEST BEING IN THE UNIVERSE, David Miscavige. Yes, he looked dashing, I must say. Again, he stood in front of the blue background because it really makes his blue eyes pop, which cleverly masks his raging contempt for everyone in the room, that is, of course, until he opens his mouth.

Needless to say, the build up before the release fully encompassed all the reasons why people had previously struggled with L. Ron's materials, but never once was it mentioned that the real reason behind the reason was the fact that L. Ron Hubbard was a blathering idiot who enjoyed nothing more than rambling on into infinity because he loved the sound of his own voice, but it might have ruined the mood of the evening, so they didn't mention that part.

(I must admit something at this point, I skipped ahead a few chapters in the build up section because I couldn't stand listening to David Miscavige's double speak--It's when he says something, then he jumbles up the words and says the exact same thing again, except, when he says differently for the second time, you think about what he's saying, and it ends up making no sense whatsoever--I became irritated, so I skipped ahead--it's too bad you can't do this at the actual event. In other words, I understood what was going to happen about 30 seconds into his speech, and the remaining 45 minutes felt like being beat over the head with a 2x4 to illustrate a simple point--you're releasing books--I get it.)

I will say this, at one point, David Miscavige assured the crowd of 2000 attendees that they were not STUPID, and I must say, it was that assurance that made me feel a warm glow that lasted a full minute. You got to admit, this spiritual leader has a way with words.

2. The Greatest Re-Re-Release In The History Of The Universe.

Here's where the event got interesting. This is the part where the boy genius, David Miscavige, breaks down for all the ignorant suffering masses of $cientologists all the reasons why every book L. Ron Hubbard ever wrote was completely fucked up by suppressive editors, who didn't know their ass from a hole in the ground. (my words, not his.)

But, these are David Miscavige's words:

One editor was STUPID.

Another was DIM WITTED.

Another was an SP.

Yet, another was a SQUIRREL.


At one point, he recommended that someone ought to find the editor of 8-8008 and REDUCE THEIR UNIVERSE DOWN TO ZERO.

Yes, he actually said all these things.

And, each time he finished describing how badly a book was fucked up, the crowd leaped to their feet in a thunderous applause. It reminded me of the old days when Hitler used to whip the crowds into an exuberant frenzy--Long Live David Miscavige!!

In all, it was a lovely evening of bashing the befuddling buffoons who dared to fuck up every single one of L. Ron Hubbard's sacred writings and setting things right by re-releasing the corrected versions for a paltry sum of 3 grand.

And well, you can see now why something of this magnitude needed at least 2 hours to explain!!

At the end, David Miscavige showed clips of the Bridge and New Era warehouses where the millions upon millions of copies of all the books are waiting to be shipped to the millions upon millions of $cientologists world wide. My guess is those millions of books will be sitting there for all of eternity.

As I laid in bed last night pondering all of the amazingness of what I witnessed, I couldn't help from posing a mix of questions to myself:

If these books were so completely and utterly fucked up, why didn't L. Ron Hubbard say or do anything about it for 30 years, especially when "works" are supposedly considered to be scripture??

And if these books were so messed up, why did it take 50 years to make their long overdue fixes, and what does that say about the condition of the rest of the materials that weren't fixed?

Yeah, I know, I'm just being cynical, and I need my Sec Check. But, I do know, we can expect some more re-re-releases of L. Ron Hubturd's amazing pieces of shit, er uh, I mean scripture. You can bet on it. Better yet, get your checkbooks ready!!


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