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Scam of Scientology

Informatie over een heel gevaarlijke en kwaadaardige sekte.

De Church of Scientology, ook wel Scientologykerk genaamd,
is helemaal verzonnen
 door tweederangs sciencefictionschrijver

L. Ron Hubbard.

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   Scientology Contradictions

Tory Christman is een van de belangrijkste en bekendste critici van de sekte.
Zij was 30 jaar lang lid en vervulde er diverse taken.
Maar steeds vaker zag ze dat het niet klopte en dus verliet ze na 30 jaar de sekte.
Ze hielp veel mensen zoals ook zij geholpen werd bij het verlaten van de sekte.
En ze schreef heel wat lezenswaardige stukken, gebaseerd op haar ervaringen binnen de sekte.
Zo ook dit stuk.

Tory Christman


Having lived within the Scientology community, as part of the organization that calls itself, “The Church of Scientology” for 30 years, and then having woken up and left, I would not like to present some major contradictions from my own personal experiences. When I say "Scientology" I am referring to the organization, the members in the organization and those applying Hubbard's abusive "tech" to harm others, break up families, stop free speech, etc.

The letter “C” will indicate the contradictions for me. Some others may find these true or not, however most people I’ve spoken to who were in and left feel the same about a majority of these.

I welcome any in put from people who have been in and left or even critics who have studied Scientology for some time.

1. Scientology says they are working to Free Mankind.

C) Scientology in truth actually traps a person, getting them from day one to agree to “Keeping Scientology Working” which in fact slowly builds in the “truth” that Hubbard’s path IS “THE WAY”. Also, ANY other thoughts, practices, teachings are considered “Other Practices” and are considered “Out Ethics”.

2. Scientology says they believe “Man has the inalienable right to free speech”.

C) The truth is, the higher up you go in Scientology the farther from the truth this becomes. As you move up the pyramid, you find you certainly are not supposed to read books or articles that Scientology doesn’t want you to read. Actually this begins right away, again with “Keeping Scientology Working” (hereafter known as KSW).

It is considered “Out Ethics” to really speak out about anything that might be the slightest hint of criticism to the organization.

You also are encouraged not to watch the news as “It’s Entheta”. Now entheta means “enturbulated theta” meaning it upsets people. Yes, I agree some news stations do upset people, as they are, for the most part, filled with too much bad news, vs. a mixture of both good and bad. However, there are certainly ways to find out the news that are not all bad.

When you go for years not tuned into what is happening in the world, once again you just become surrounded that much more in the ‘Scio/Truman show”. Remember Truman couldn’t see the walls? It is exactly the same within Scientology. Any free speech would actually help someone see the walls.

Thus, this is totally discouraged, although any Scientologist will insist this is crazy, that they are true “Freedom of Speech Advocates”. Just ask them to discuss with you some of the classic lies and falsehoods, and see how far you get.

3. “Ethics”---- Scientology promotes to its members that
Hubbard figured out these great tools
to help someone be more ethical.

C) In Scientology people are routinely practicing deception, fraud, lies, and on staff and in WISE, people become slaves to a system where they have no recourse. Towards the last 10 years of being “in”, my fellow OT 7’s and I would commonly speak of:

a) Never lend a Scientologist money as they rarely if ever pay it back.

B) Never work for a WISE organization, as they are basically slave drivers, only interested in their own welfare.

C) Try to stay away from most of the registrars (people fund raising, asking for donations) as they are just milking us over and over.

d) Buy books, study up, learn for yourself. There are other solutions to problems you have, and they only cost $20.00 at Barnes and Noble.

e) Many of the Executives in Scientology (who speak at the events) sound like robots, and whoever is putting on these events lie over and over.

Ethics? Ha! Who do you think you are fooling?

4. Spiritual Freedom: Much has been written about this,
however in essence Scientology says if you do
“The Bridge to Total Freedom” you will
(“There’s a good chance you can and will.”)
achieve total freedom.

One cannot—is not allowed—to discuss your spiritual ‘case’ with anyone, except those running the Scio/Truman show. If you do, once again, it’s “Out Ethics” and they have their ways of stopping you.

I found the more I did, the higher I went ‘up the Bridge’ the less free I became. I was more introverted, more worried and stressed, constantly feeling guilty and secretly bad as I wasn’t this or that.

Scientology always has an answer to everything, to bring one back to the fold, as does any good totalitarian group. With this, highly trained auditors (Counselors) will explain. Here are a few for me:

A) “Tory wasn’t set up correctly”

Fact: I have over 50 folders of auditing (The average OT had around 20-30), I had tons of Set ups for each level, and continuous Security Checking for 7 years.

B) “Tory had Misunderstood words”.

Fact: Did I honestly leave a group I’ve been a part of for 30 years because I didn’t understand some words? Also, I had TONS, and TONS, hours and hours of “Word Clearing” On OT 7, as did all of the people on OT 7 at the time, so it wasn’t the words, nor was it
”Golden Age of....<Crap>”---that is some bogus re-write of ‘the tech” and if you don’t believe me, go
LOOK at the new “OT’s” and the empty orgs!

C) “She had missed withholds (secret lies)”

Fact: Again, on OT 7 (which I was on for 7 years) I was continuously Security Checked to supposedly Clean up any and all withholds. I was a Flag Trained and Internet Security Checker who believed in telling all so you do not impede your road to Freedom. (Ha! I can hardly believe what I thought and what I know today, two years later).

I didn’t hide things from people. In fact, I wrote up to RTC continuously that I wasn’t winning on OT 7, it didn’t work, I thought I needed to do KTC/LOC, and I was auditing over a HUGE Present Time Problem. Hubbard emphatically states a person WILL NOT get “Case Gain” if they try to audit over such a problem. No one, not one person, cared or listened to me.

D) “Tory was/is “PTS” (a Potential trouble Source.)

Fact: Anyone with a family member who is the slightest bit critical of Scientology is considered “PTS”. This is handled in “Ethics” and one either handled the person, or they have to disconnect. The truth is if you begin to look and read and think, You are considered PTS.

OSA may also try to throw in the physical condition I have. Just for the record, in 1999 I insisted my folders be sent up to RTC to decide whether the
people at Flag had MU's or I did. As a result, the ENTIRE technical team of the Flag Land Base was crammed/corrected on this anti-medication crap Scientologists run on people. Also, the Senior Tech Terminals decided it was fine that I take the medication, and my Dr. (Ron’s Dr.) said, “It isn’t a mind altering drug”. The Senior C/S of Tech at the time wrote a Snr C/S Bulletin saying, “If a person has tried to get off of their medication and their Doctor has decided they NEED To stay on it, that is to be allowed”. (I’m the first example they gave in this)

E) “Tory is an SP”.

Fact: Really? I was one of their ‘Golden Girls” for 30 years, (in What is Scientology” still) and suddenly it is found that I am really an SP? Think for yourself. I’m
IN “What is Scientology”, for goodness sakes! Think about it.......

Oh that’s right, you can’t! Well, that’s why I’m an SP, and proud of it, by the way.

5. Scientology promotes Sanity. If again you do
“The Bridge to Total Freedom” or of course
join staff and help others do this,
you will become saner.

C) The truth is Scientology by the nature of its ‘tech’ makes one more delusional and cut off from the real world. Certainly people who have studied Cults agree this IS a fact, and Scientology is one of the worst in this area.
Those "in" are not allowed to look, read, talk to an "SP" or read any books with facts that may help them SEE the truth about what went on, and goes on, behind the curtain of "Greatness" pitched constantly in the Scio-Truman Show.

6.) Scientology says, “Think for yourself”.

C) In Scientology one is constantly, from day one, first thing you read (KSW) taught to ask “What do your materials State”. One is taught never to give out what has been labeled “Verbal Tech”. This is actually a “High Crime”, so one MUST refer only to “Source”.

Also, within Scientology Doubt is considered a lower condition. Thinking is actually labeled on one of Hubbard’s Charts as quite low. In Scientology the highest you can do is “Know”. “Knowingness” is promoted as a high state, “Thinkingness” is at the bottom.

It takes years to realize this “Knowingness” is only valued amongst your seniors if you are doing what they want. If not, there are other scales, and ‘tech’ to prove you and your knowingness to be absolutely wrong.

7. Scientology promotes “The Way to Happiness”.

C) This is a small book that they sell to local Doctors and businessmen, for hugs amounts of money, telling THEM they need to ‘help their community’. Many of these principles Scientology actually violates greatly. Just a few examples are:

1. “Safeguard and improve your environment” While at Flag (their highest place to go for services) bottles and cans are pitched into the garbage daily, by the ton.

I asked their Public Relations person to try to get in recycling. They had no time or interest in this.

Trees... many large businesses have now begun using thinner paper, or less paper, as well as using recycled paper. Scientology still uses tons and tons of high gloss, heavy paper with no care for the trees they destroy daily. They also send out tons and tons of junk mail to public who are in fact wrong public for them.

2. “Seek to live with the truth”.

C) See Barefaced Messiah for facts about Hubbard lying daily. Scientology, of course, puts down this book like it’s utter trash. Of course they do! IF you read it,
I doubt you’d cough up one more dime to them. Certainly, you’d at least want to learn more.

Type in “L. Ron Hubbard” in Google and read ALL of it, and make up your own mind. You’ll never hear Scientology actually say that. They’ll say, “Read everything” however it is only ~their~ suggestions, and in fact their orders, which will be the ONLY books they approve of you reading.
Think about that one: I don’t care if you read their side, my side, other people’s sides and facts. The facts are there now for you to make up your own mind. That is something Scientology has to stop at all costs. If people knew all the facts, most would not stay “In” Scientology!

Also, it says, “Do not tell harmful lies”. No where does it say, “Do not lie”.

Witness OSA here lying and justifying it, saying it is OK as they are “Handling SP’s”. That’s because, to them, it IS perfectly ok to lie if it forwards their means, per Hubbard’s tech, as most of you know.

Scientologists are actually taught to lie in “Ethics” using “The Acceptable Truth” which is a phrase used to deceive people, supposedly not lying. Exp: My mother was worried about me being in Scientology, and actually was trying to get me to see they were lying to me, and she wanted me to get a “real job and move on with your “.

In Ethics, I was told to use this. “Just tell her you are working with your friends” in the day vs. Being on course all day, which in fact I was. This began years and years of more deception.

Also, people lie to themselves about their “wins”, trying to meet the group approval. No one wants to admit that, but Peer pressure within C of S is
huge, and is a key reason people continue on the train of mind control.

Yes, they will have a temporary win, however when it dwindles, they leave that out even to themselves. You don’t even try to do this; it’s set up as an automatic screening device.

This could be a series in it self. There are many more examples. More will follow.

Also, Scientology promotes families and "ARC" yet they break up many families where parents are literally tortured not being able to talk to their kids, or kids to their parents, husbands to wives, etc. This is TOTALLY "Out Way To Happiness" but of course they (in C of S) have many "Policies" to justify these abusive actions.

8. Scientology promotes honesty and integrity.

C) Again, see above re honesty. I found myself and other Scientologist to think we were ‘the most honest people on the planet’, however within Scientology one often sees dishonesty occurring in many different ways. Some examples are:

1. The tech is supposed to be totally standard, yet it is altered constantly, depending on who was using it.

2. Scientology says it teaches honesty and integrity, yet Scientologists are required to attest “Officially” to state after state that turns out to be temporary at best. Scientologists are in a constant state of guilt and anxiety about the states you have attested to, yet you know you really have not attained what it says. This is so huge, that literally the C of S removed the “EP’s” (Supposed End Phenomena”) from their printed “Bridge to Total Freedom”. People I knew, myself included, got worse and worse re this the higher up we went.

There is also a HUGE expectancy from the rest of your group re these supposed states you have attested to, and what people think you can do. Since you really cannot do them, or at best some, (but often none)...again one is left with huge secrets, falsehoods, and self-deception.

9. Scientology promotes “Stop Looking, we have all the answers”
in one of their Dianetic ads.

C) Looking is stated as one of the highest states of awareness on Hubbard’s Scale called, “Know to Mystery”.

10. In Scientology’s Communication Course one is taught
“TR 0” teaches you to confront, face up to anything
and be able to comfortable BE in another’s space.

This is actually quite tricky, as it sounds SO good. It IS good, if one could do what you want, after first being.

C) One in Scientology is constantly taught to refer to Source for what you know and do.

Thus everything one faces/confronts is filtered through “The Tech” of Hubbard.

You always have to “Do what Ron Says”, regardless of what you may perceive. Ron does say, “If it isn’t true for you, it isn’t true” which was a huge trap in itself that kept me there. Only after years of people enforcing things that were not true for me did I begin to wake up.

Actually perception has nothing to do with TR0: you are supposed to “Do nothing but be”, which is fine.

Ok, you are, but that stops at DO. You are totally distrusted with what you might do on your own, without referring to the authority: RON. You can BE but you cannot DO. You have to DO what I say.

11. Scientology teaches it makes “The Able more Able”.

C) The tragedy of Scientology is it actually makes the able less able, in a slow, methodical, tyrannical way. This philosophy is supposed to make you a bigger being, more able, more capable. Through the constant usage of ‘the tech’ you find you’ve become actually less able, more introverted, seriously guilty constantly and really a servant and a slave to Hubbard and his delusions.

If you doubt this, go talk to the former “OT’s” who left Scientology, most of Hubbard’s staff who have long since left years ago, All of the original Class 12’s who are now out, and Many Executives who helped form Scientology and are now out.

To those lurking, if you cannot do this, I rest my case.

12. Scientology promotes their system of justice as
the most efficient and helpful to mankind.

C) In fact, Scientology’s justice system again only works when the Convening authority (The high ranking accuser) in Scientology agree with the findings and recommendations. Their justice is actually the opposite of justice. In most cases, you are just found guilty, once the ‘authorities’ make up their mind. In normal justice the Judge is a different person than the accuser. In Scientology the Accuser is also the Judge.

I actually asked for a “Committee of Evidence” in a WISE company, Survival Strategies. They brought in Dan Owen, who told me “Anything I send up to RTC will go through. I am thought of as KhaKan (He supposedly has immunity to Scientology prosecution-he can do anything he wants).”

He TOTALLY altered what is supposed to be a standard Committee of Evidence, would not even let me speak, and found me guilty of everything I didn’t do. I wrote up exactly what Hubbard said to be the way to do these, and how they had done the opposite. No one cared, not at Survival Strategies, nor at WISE, who is supposed to be the senior, convening authority. They never even wrote me back.

Scientology also has their own secret Police (“The Office of Special Affairs”) who practice Fair Game on anyone who leaves and speaks out. They consider this fine, as to them these people are “bad”. However, in true justice, one should be allowed to speak your mind without harm. At the very least you should be able to represent your case in a true court of law. However, in Scientology it is a “High Crime” to take someone to court. Also, for people who have given them lots of money and then ask for it back, they would give these people their money back, if they truly followed “The tech” which says to do so.

OSA has personally tried to “Fair Game” me, within 6 months of me leaving the “Church of Scientology. They TRIED to pin (and failed) a criminal conviction on me for sitting in an empty, Red Santa’s chair in Clearwater, Florida (for 2 seconds). It turned out they (C of S/OSA) had “Over 100 cameras” on us, in a 4 block area!

Justice? Go visit the KKK. You can learn a lot from history.

These are just a few of the many Contradictions within the walls of the organization who calls themselves “The Church of Scientology.”

If you have a loved one in Scientology and you wonder what to do, I suggest you begin bringing up these very basic contradictions, and ask them what they think.

You never know when someone just might wake up. I did, after 30 years “in”.

Love to all,

Tory/Magoo~dancing in the light~

In for 30 years ...now out for 7 years

X-OT 7

X-OSA volunteer after 20 years

X-Grad 4, Flag Trained and Interned Security Checker

X-Scientology Minister

X-Executive Director of “The Scientology Parishioners League”

X-OSA Int Secret Mafia member until I realized what they were actually doing

X-Sea Org (briefly)


X-Flag Legionnaire

X-wife of OT 8, Harold Bezazian (Ended due to me leaving, and OSA lying to him)

am now...for thinking and speaking my mind
Declared SP (SP 6 ^ with Cumulative Cluster )
Expelled from C of S (woooo hoooo!!!)
Free at last!

Tory Christman

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