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Scam of Scientology

Informatie over een heel gevaarlijke en kwaadaardige sekte.

De Church of Scientology, ook wel Scientologykerk genaamd,
is helemaal verzonnen
 door tweederangs sciencefictionschrijver

L. Ron Hubbard.

Pagina 30

Brief van Jenna Miscavige,
het nichtje van David Miscavige,
Karen Pouwel,
woordvoerster van de sekte.

In a message dated 1/24/2008 10:45:22 P.M. Eastern Standard Time,
@gmail.com writes:

Hi Chuck (Beatty),

I have a letter below from a friend of a friend and thought you would
enjoy it and would be able to get it out everywhere you could.

Here it is:

"Dear Karin [Pouw, spokesperson for official Scientology],

"I could not resist the opportunity to write you this letter having
read your official rebuttal regarding the Tom Cruise biography.

"I have been involved in the Church of Scientology since birth. David
Miscavige as you well know is my father's brother, making him my

"In fact you and I actually know each other although not very well.

"I cannot comment on your responses regarding the personal life of Tom
Cruise because I know nothing about this, but I am absolutely shocked
at how vehemently you insist upon not only denying the truths that
have been stated about the Church in that biography, but then take it
a step further and tell outright lies.

"You go so far as to state:

         '7. Does Scientology encourage their members not to speak to
their family if they don't support the religion?

'This allegation is not only false, it is the opposite of what the
Church believes and practices.' -Karin Pouw

"As you well know, my parents officially left the Church when I was 16
in 2000. I, having been separated from them at the age of 12 and
thoroughly engulfed in the beliefs of the Church since birth decided
not to go with them.

"Not only was I not allowed to speak to them, I was not allowed to
answer a phone for well over a year, in case it was them calling me.
To give exact specifics, this "law" was enforced ruthlessly by one
Tracye Danilovoch - the local representative for the Religious
Technology Center - who intercepted all letters from my parents (and
my friends). She would then pass them on to Marc Rathbun (the then 2nd
in command of the Church) and Mike Rinder - who happens to be the
former head of YOUR office - "The Office of Special Affairs" (you can
thank me later for not elaborating on this one). Only after they had
seen the letters and decided it was ok for me to see them would I
receive some of them while sitting in a board room while they watched
me read them and asked me to comment on them.

"I was allowed to visit my parents from the age of 16-22, once a year
for a maximum of 3-4 days, but that was only after they (my parents)
threatened legal action if the Church got in the way of this and even
then only after I underwent a "Security Check Confessional" before I
saw them and immediately after I came back. A security check is
interrogation (usually about if I intend on leaving the Church, or
finding out if my parents have said anything bad about the Church,
etc.) while being attached to an electrophsychometer which is similar
to a lie detector. This happened every single time I saw then (which
was never more than 3 or 4 days a year).

"For a more recent example of families being destroyed, My Aunt
Jennifer Pantermeuhl has recently contacted my parents and let them
know that she can no longer speak to them or be in contact with them
because they speak to and live near, my other Aunt Sarah Mortland.
Sarah is my mom's and Jennifer's sister. This is because Sarah is not
in favor with the Church. Jennifer also contacted my brother Sterling
as well as the rest of the family for the same reason most of whom had
to lie to her and said they weren't talking to Sarah for fear of
getting found out about.

"Another good example would be when my other brother, Justin, was in
Florida a few years ago and was on his way to visit our Aunt Denise
Gentile (our father's sister and David Miscavige's twin) with his
girlfriend. Denise abruptly cancelled while they were on their way
over because the Church would not approve - because he was an ex-
member. Not to mention the fact that Kirsten Caetano (a member of the
Church's Office of Special Affairs - the very same organization you
belong to) was contacting Justin several times when he was in Florida
working, telling him that he needed to leave the state because he is
an ex-member and his presence at the "mecca of scientology" was
disturbing to the church. Kristen has admitted to my face that she did
this when I confronted her and even went so far as to admit that she
lied to my brother after denying the incident. This is the least of
what Kirsten Caetano has done!

"You cite this quote from L.Ron Hubbard about what the Church believes
with regards to families..... yes we know what the Church claims to
"believe" and has written in its policies! - BUT do they practice
that? Absolutely not!

" I can name at least 5 friends off the top of my head who's family
members are not allowed to speak to them without being themselves
ousted from the Church and prevented from communicating with other
members of their family and even their children still involved in the
Church lest THEY too be ousted! They cant speak to their children
because they have left the Church on their own determinism. This is a
widespread practice and if you dare deny it I have a list of all of
there names together-these people's families  are crying  every day
because they can't speak to their children who did nothing but leave
the Church of their own free will.

"If I am in fact wrong and you want to prove me as such, then allow me
and my family to be in contact with our family members that are still
part of the Church such as my Grandpa, Ron Miscavige, and his wife,
Becky. Allow the same of my friends. And don't even start with the,
"it's their choice all along story..." -nobody is going to buy that,
there are way too many destroyed families for that to be true.

"I am tempted to take up many of the other accusations you
categorically deny in your novel, but for the purpose of keeping this
letter readable and focused on the most important part (family) I will

"I will suggest however that maybe you should spend the manpower and
time of drafting your masterpiece rebuttal - why don't you take the
high road for once and put that time towards repairing the families
you have destroyed, starting with the family of David Miscavige
himself - hell, if Scientology can't keep his family together - then
why on earth should anyone believe the Church helps bring families


"Jenna Miscavige Hill"

Interview van Jenna Miscavige met Inside Edition.

Family feud in Tom's church Posted Wed.
Feb. 6, 2008 7:09am by Page Six

SCIENTOLOGISTS are at war with a member of their own family —
the outspoken niece of the church's powerful leader, David Miscavige.
Jenna Hill Miscavige, 24, the daughter of David's older brother Ron,
recently came out in support of Andrew Morton's
"Tom Cruise: An Unauthorized Biography,"
and slammed the star for "supporting a religion that tears apart families,
both in the media and monetarily."

Since then, Jenna claims she's been subjected to harassment.
"The church has contacted several of my friends,
telling them that I am smearing the church and I am going
to be declared a suppressive person and asking my friends
if they would disconnect from me and,
in at least one case, insisting that they do,"
Jenna, who lives in San Diego, tells investigative journalist Philip Recchia.
"At least eight friends have removed themselves from my MySpace page,"
she said, and blames the church for it.

Jenna let loose on Scientology last month when she posted an
open letter to a senior sect official, which was later posted on the Web,
praising the Morton book and slamming the church.
Scientology spokeswoman Karin Pouw responded to her:
"I am absolutely shocked at how vehemently you insist upon
not only denying the truths that have been stated about the church
in that biography, but then take it a step further and tell outright lies."
Pouw did not respond to our call for further comment by press time yesterday.

But Jenna is not backing down.
Her mother and father left Scientology in 2000, but she stayed in until 2005,
during which time she says she was kept in a boarding school,
only allowed to see her parents once a year
and subjected to a bizarre daily regimen.
"If you flunked your uniform inspection, sometimes if you were late . . .
you would be dumped with a five-gallon bucket of ice water,"
she tells Recchia, a former Post reporter.

"We were also required to write down all transgressions . . .
similar to a sin in the Catholic religion.
After writing them all down, we would receive a meter check
on the Electropsychometer to make sure we weren't hiding anything,
and you would have to keep writing until you came up clean.
This is from the age of 5 until I was 12."

J. J. Hunsecker

Een persverklaring van een moeder.

 Portland, Oregon - March 11, 2008

 -- For Immediate Release --
Portland, OR resident Susan Lentsch is issuing a public statement on March 15
at the Scientology Headquarters Los Angeles, CA,
calling on her daughter's employer, the Church of Scientology,
to permit her daughter, Katherine "Kate" Olson,
to come home from Los Angeles to Portland to visit her family.
Ms. Lentsch has seen Kate for only six days during the past 15 years
and reports that the Church of Scientology has forbidden Kate
to leave the facility where she both works and is housed in order to visit family.
Kate was recruited into the Sea Organization (Sea Org),
an affiliate of the Church of Scientology, in 1993, at age 17.
Susan Lentsch, at that time a Scientologist, signed papers
permitting her minor daughter to become a Sea Org employee;
Ms. Lentsch states she signed the forms
under pressure and while influenced by Scientology indoctrination.
"At that time, being a Scientologist, I saw it as an honor that my daughter qualified
for the 'elite' corps known as the Sea Organization," says Ms. Lentsch.
She was reassured during the recruitment process that her daughter
would get room, board, medical and dental care, and vacations.
"My upset with the Sea Org is that it has not honored the Scientology Staff Contract
my daughter signed 15 years ago, which stated that
Sea Org members are permitted three (3) weeks Holiday per continuous active year,"
Ms. Lentsch states.
Kate was denied permission to attend a Christmas family reunion in Minnesota,
even though she had previously been told that she could do so
and Ms. Lentsch had provided a train ticket for her.
"The phone call from Kate notifying me that
she could not leave for the reunion was particularly disturbing,"
Ms. Lentsch reports. "Kate was crying when she was put on the speaker phone
to say hello to her grandparents during the reunion."
In recent years, Ms. Lentsch has noticed Kate's infrequent phone
conversations with her have changed.
"My daughter and I could not discuss any intimate feelings
or family matters with each other. Kate began sounding like a broken record,
always saying 'everything is fine'.
She was vague about her day-to-day life and
mostly wanted to talk about Scientology.
The only time Kate sounded like herself was when she mentioned
travel plans to see us. She would really come alive and sounded
excited and enthused to see us," Ms. Lentsch reports.
But time after time, Kate's vacation requests have been denied by her employer,
the Sea Org. Ms. Lentsch felt that she was growing distant from her daughter,
and that she was losing her 'real' Kate.
She later learned that outbound and inbound calls to Sea Org staff
are monitored and staff are drilled on what to say to family.
Ms. Lentsch states, "This explained why Kate and I seemed
to be playing 'pretend' during our phon
 conversations--like there was an inexplicable wall between us."
Ms. Lentsch began doing research and talking to former Sea Org members.
She met a past co-worker of Kate's, who had personally witnessed
Kate being physically abused in the Sea Org.
Alarmed, Susan briefly visited Kate in Los Angeles;
when she confronted Kate with the information about the abuse,
Kate was quite flustered, did not deny the allegation, and made statements
to downplay the abuse incident and protect the Scientology image.
Ms. Lentsch believes that Kate is in poor health and is not receiving medical treatment.
She is greatly concerned about her daughter's mental well-being.
"I did not tell Kate for the longest time that I was
no longer a Scientologist, for fear that I would be declared
a 'Suppressive Person' (enemy of Scientology) and my daughter
would be forced to sever all ties with me under
Scientology's 'disconnection' policy," states Ms. Lentsch.
"I left my Church because I was noticing the hypocrisies between
what the Church tells the public versus what it actually does and then tries to hide.
I did not wish to remain in a group that breaks up families
and does not even trust its own staff to use their hard-earned vacation time
and see their families.
Living in fear and under threats is not spiritual to me," Ms. Lentsch states.
"The administration of the Church of Scientology is an oppressive organization.
This is the worst betrayal." On February 25, Ms. Lentsch issued
the Sea Organization an ultimatum:
"Have my daughter at home in my living room within two weeks,
or I will go to law enforcement and the media."
The March 10 deadline passed without any response from the Sea Organization.
Her public statement will be read by attorney Graham Berry
in front of Scientology's Los Angeles headquarters
at a protest scheduled for March 15. - END -

OSA belt Jenna Miscavige, om 11 uur 's avonds.

Om 11 uur 's avonds gaat de telefoon. Het is het "Office of Special Affairs",
de OSA dus, de geheime dienst van de sekte:
"We willen nú met je praten!"


Hier een topic van OCMB over disconnection.

Met het aangrijpende verhaal van poster "Bea Kiddo" die haar vader
na 25 jaar weer terug vond.
En de verklaringen van Caroline Letkeman over het verlies
van dochter en kleinkind door deze onmenselijke policy:


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