Scientologists joining the Sea Org, a paramilitary organisation that runs the international management structure of the cult, sign a bilion year employment contract, promising to return again and again in future reincarnations. Scientology takes pride in the hardships of Sea Org life, which include extreme working hours, virtually no pay and menacing penalties for minor transgressions.

Shockingly, there are dozens of documented cases of the Sea Org employing child laborers, sometimes as young as six years old. Perhaps even more shockingly, governments worldwide have failed to act in the past 50 years and continue to do so.

This may sound incredible, but unfortunately it is true. You can check for yourself. Just read some of the horror stories of Scientology's child slaves in the slide deck below.

Claims by Scientology that no-one under sixteen joins the Sea Org, used to dispell rumors that Suri would be joining, are blatent lies. Use the arrows to view Sea Org members as young as six.
Daniel Montalvo, Equador
Signs his bilion year contract in 1997 at the age of six and works full-time for the American Sea Org by the time he is twelve. He files charges with the cult after his escape in 2010, but has unfortunately decided to return to the Sea Org.
Unknown, Canada
In 2004, a Canadian Scientology church sends a Sea Org contract to the US Immigration Services signed by a six year old and confirms its authenticity.
Shelley Ballantyne, UK
Joins the Cadet Org, a boarding school where children live and work seven days a week in preparation for the Sea Org, at the age of seven. She compairs her upbringing with the tales told by Dickens.
Astra Woodcraft, USA
Works in the Cadet Org from age seven and full-time in the Sea Org from the age of 14. She takes confessions of the masturbatory habits of middle aged men as a 15-year old girl.
Jenna Miscavige, USA
(left) is a niece of the current leader of Scientology, David Miscavige. She performs manual labor at only seven years old and rarely sees her parents when she is between age twelve and sixteen.
Alexander Jentzsch, USA
is the sun of the president of Scientology, Heber Jentzsch. He starts working in the Sea Org when only eight years old. When he dies in July 2012 at the age of 27, his mother is denied access to his memorial service. His death is still under investigation by the authorities.
Shane Kelsey, Australia
Signs his billion year Sea Org contract when he is eight and is sent to the RPF labor camp at the age of sixteen.
John Lindstein, USA
Was already a child slave at the age of eight. He has settled in his lawsuit with the cult.
Laura DeCrescenzo, USA
works full time for the cult from age nine and enters the Sea Org at age 12. She succeeds in getting thrown out by purposefully making a botched suicide attempt.
Several cases, Australia
In 2009 a current affairs show films eight children from the age of twelve working in the local church with a hidden camera. Former members claim the children receive virtually no education.
Vivien Krogmann-Lutz, Germany
(left at age 15) receives a settlement from her parents in 2002 after they put her to work in the UK when she was thirteen.
Several cases, UK
These pictures of 13 and 14 year old kids working for the English Sea Org are published by German magazine Das Bild in 2002. The original article is no longer available on the internet.
Fiona and Jordan Anderson, Australia
Fiona Anderson is recruted when she is fourteen and is still in the Sea Org. Her sister Jordan escapes with the help of her family at fifteen after she is forced to work for 72 hours straight and shrub dumbsters in the middle of the night. The labor inspection gives a remarkably mild judgment.
Ramana Diens Browning, Valeska Paris
Ramana Dienes Browning (shown) works on a ship run by the Sea Org from age fifteen and Valeska Paris from age seventeen. Both recount abuse and terrible living conditions.

Denny Chang, USA
Internal promotional material from 2011 shows 18-year old Denny Chang telling about his experiences of at least several years in the Sea Org.
Sebastien Kunzli, Unknown/VS
Has worked for the Sea Org since he was fifteen according to this internal promotional material from 2012.
Sheila Huber, Australia
Runs a day care unit with 30 babies and toddlers on her own when only sixteen years old.
All of this is no coincidence. The founder of Scientology, L Ron Hubbard (called Source by his followers) wrote policies detailing child labor in 1968. They are shown in the next slides.
Flag Order 485
"Children [..] work [..] just like any other Sea Org Staff Member".
Flag Order 779
Playtime is not deemed necessary: "They are more than willing to do their jobs and will, if given a chance".
Flag Order 780
Stipulates that the children should work from age six.
The latest generation
of child slaves is put to work while governments idly sit by and watch. This video of more than a dozen kids was made in April 2012 (iOs users: skip to 6:18).